Saltimbocca King Prawns

Saltimbocca King Prawns

Saltimbocca King Prawns

Recipe Time: 20 Minutes
Recipe Difficulty: Moderate


  1. Peel the shell of the prawns, leaving the head and tail attached.
  2. Deveined and rinse under cold water.
  3. Take the six slices prosciutto and slice each piece in half (length ways).
  4. Lay on the kitchen bench with plenty of space between each half slice.
  5. Place a green king prawn on each prosciutto strip.
  6. Place the sage on the prawn and then proceed to wrap the prawns & sage tightly with the prosciutto.
  7. Once wrapped, place the prawns in the fridge until required.
  8. Before cooking, spray olive oil lightly across the hotplate. Ensure the hotplate is a low to medium heat.
  9. Cook prawns until golden brown and crispy or, 3 minutes on either side.

To serve: Serve with barbequed lemon on the side. 


        • 12 large green prawns
        • 6 full slices Prosciutto
        • 12 large leaves of sage

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